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New on our site:

Have a look at our new Swaziland pages. All the stories, resources, videos and photos related to our partnership with the Diocese of Swaziland through Us in one place.

We have also introduced a Newslink section. All the details about Newslink and back issues available free for download just in case you missed something.

Bishop Trevor Welcome

to the home page of the Anglican community in the mid-West of Ireland. The Anglican Diocese of Limerick and Killaloe is part of the Church of Ireland and therefore part of the world wide Anglican Communion.

Whatever you are looking for you will find it in our diocese, from the quite beauty of forests and mountains, spectacular cliffs dropping straight into the wild Atlantic, busy seaside towns and the bustle of the city. Yes and a river runs through it all. Wherever you go in our diocese you will find us, the Anglican community, bearing witness to the one God, Father Son and Holy Spirit, who creates and redeems all things.

Why not explore our pages, find out a bit more about us here, or have a look at our news pages. More importantly why not drop in at one of our events or just join us for Sunday worship, all the details are just here, and there is a map to help you find the way. You will find a warm welcome wherever you go amongst us.


Three Dioceses Confer on Difference and Unity

Limerick, Kilalloe and Ardfert diocese was involved in one of a series of "tri-partite" conferences exploring how we can live together in unity and yet differ deeply over human sexuality.



Bishop Trevor Announces Retirement

Bishop Trevor has announced that he will be retiring in July 2014



Killarney Appointment Process Begins

The process to fill the part-time vacancy at Killarney has begun.