More about Revd Michael Cavanagh

Please include a few personal details first.

Born and brought up in Wythenshawe, Manchester. In childhood, although baptised , I had very little contact with Church at all – mother quietly Anglican, father Roman Catholic but very disillusioned as a result of war experiences.

After marriage, Marjorie and I attended St. Peter’s Levenshulme initially to keep warm on a Sunday evening – but after our son William was stillborn, we felt very cared for by the fellowship and stayed for a couple of years. After a house move, our worship became less frequent – the new local church was not very welcoming. Our Church attendance virtually stopped.

Seven or eight years later, I became interested in doing some youth work, and sort of drifted back into churchgoing – but it took another three or four years before I made any form of real Christian commitment. One thing led to another… …and after five years of Part-time ordination training, I was ordained as a Minister in Secular Employment by Bishop Michael Baughen in 1992, at the same time serving as Curate in Holy Trinity Stalybridge (for the last two years during an Interregnum), then Incumbent of St John High Legh for twelve years and Priest-in-Charge of the Kenmare & Dromod Union for the last seven. I have always been Non-Stipendiary in these posts, paying my Mortgage through my other job as a Management Consultant and Lecturer specialising in highly complex major projects.

Married to Marjorie (Golden wedding next year! Yippee!), four sons, three grandchildren, six guitars, one Viola, one banjo and a half-built model railway.

What are you good at? My Other job

What would you like to be better at? My Parish job.

Who should play you in a film of your life? Hank Marvin

If you weren’t clergy, what job would you have? What job would you like to have had? I’ve had it!

Mozart or Metallica? Anything and everything apart from the ‘music’ played in lifts.

What would be your idea of a perfect day? Shopping in a Parisian street market and then cooking dinner for the whole family, followed by watching Match of the Day repeats of United 1 City 6 at the Swamp 23/10/2011

 Apple Mac or Windows? Reluctantly, Windows as lesser of two evils

Three things no-one knows about you – two of which are true, the other not – don’t say which!

  • I was an extra playing a StormTrooper in The Return of the Jedi
  • I have been on Shuttle Orbiter Atlantis
  • One of my sons and I built a road-legal track car

Craziest thing you have ever done Too many to count

One thing that makes your blood boil? Pomposity, Bureaucracy and mindless following of unnecessary and irrelevant instructions. That’s Three things. Quite.

Other than Jesus, which Biblical character would you like to have dinner with? Kenaniah, bartering dinner for a couple of lessons.