more about Rt Revd Dr Kenneth Kearon

My sister and I grew up in Sandymount in Dublin. My father worked in the law department of Bank of Ireland. Went to St Stephen’s Primary School, then Mountjoy School for secondary education. Third level education was at Trinity College Dublin, the Church of Ireland Theological College, Jesus College Cambridge and the Irish School of Ecumenics. Jennifer and I were married in 1978 while I was still a student and we lived our first 3 years of married life in Cambridge. We have 3 adult daughters, one living in New Zealand and two in Ireland.

What are you good at?

I enjoy a bit of DIY and working around the house.

What would you like to be better at?

Gardening! I’m hopeless at it.

Who should play you in a film of your life?

Ideally Brad Pitt, but more likely Mr Bean!

If you weren’t clergy, what job would you have? What job would you like to have had?

I’m passionate about ordained ministry and think that’s still the choice for me. If I couldn’t have been ordained, I’d like to have worked in the Diplomatic Corps – I admire them hugely.

First record you ever bought? Last record you bought?

The first record I ever bought was a single ‘Bits and Pieces’ by the Dave Clarke Five – at one time they were rivals to the Beatles [that certainly dates me, doesn’t it!]

The most recent is a CD by Shaun Davey ‘Pilgrim’, which includes ‘The Deer’s Cry’ which I had at my Consecration in Christ Church Cathedral. I love that piece, though I’m not sure I like everything on that album.

Full Irish or Muesli with plain yoghurt? Muesli, with the full Irish reserved for holidays!

Ferrari or Eco-hybrid? My head says Eco-hybrid because I think we have to get serious about global warming, but my heart says Ferrari. A few years ago my daughters gave me a birthday present of the hire of an E-Type Jaguar for a weekend. We were living in London then, so Jennifer and I spent the weekend driving around East Anglia. A bit scary though; I hadn’t realised how close to the ground they are – you really feel that on a motorway!

Hill walking or reading a book by the fireside? Reading a book, without doubt.

Two true and one made up thing no-one knows about you – don’t say which!

  • I used to race motorbikes.
  • I trained as a wine waiter.
  • I’ve never flown in a helicopter.

One thing that makes your blood boil? Harming children.

Other than Jesus, which Biblical character would you like to have dinner with?

St Paul – probably a difficult character to talk to but what a life story, and look at what he achieved!