more about the Venerable Simon Lumby

I was born at an early age in West Yorkshire; my father was in the Royal Air Force. So I travelled extensively until I too joined the RAF at 16½yrs. I served nearly 20 yrs as an Electronics Engineer. After I left I found myself as the Academic Administrator at St John’s Theological College, Nottingham, England. From there I was asked to work with the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies on their new International Masters programme, helping design and build British higher degree programmes overseas to prepare people for leadership in the church in the ‘third world’. I was selected for training for the ordained ministry in 1999. I trained for rural ministry, yet eventually found myself as Chaplain to an Anglican Convent in North Yorkshire before working on an ecumenical project in the Peak District National Park, helping the churches to engage with tourism. And now I’m in Killarney! My wife Nolleen is Irish, with family links in Kerry and Wexford. Our children and grandchildren live in various parts of England.

What are you good at?
Not sure … depends who you ask.

What would you like to be better at?
knowing what I’m good at.

Who should play you in a film of your life?
It wouldn’t get to the scripting stage, let alone be offered to any actor!

If you weren’t clergy, what job would you have? What job would you like to have had?
Well, I’ve had three careers already: Engineer, Administrator/Scholar, Priest — that’s enough for one lifetime.

Beethoven, Beatles or Lady Gaga?

Holiday – Iceland or Bahamas?
Yes please.

Three things no-one knows about you – two of which are true, the other not – don’t say which!

I was a national Ballroom Dancing Champion
I was baptised in a swimming pool
… (even I don’t know this one about me)

Craziest thing you have ever done
Answering these questions

One thing that makes your blood boil?
Heated car seats (very hot ones)

Other than Jesus, which Biblical character would you like to have dinner with?
Mary Magdalene—provided she’s not already out on a date—or Jeremiah—as long as he’s not too depressed