More about the Venerable Wayne Carney

Born and grew up in Southwestern Ontario
Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Toronto
Taught Primary School in Toronto for 8 years
Received Master of Divinity from Trinity College Dublin, 1984.
ordained Deacon, 1984, Priest in 1985
Served as Curate, Rector, and Associate Priest in Diocese of Toronto 1984-1995
Rector of Clonfert Group of Parishes 1995-2003
Rector of Birr Group of Parishes 2003-present
Archdeacon of Killaloe & Clonfert 2002-present
Married Norma-Jean in 1973
2 children:
Kathleen, married and living in France, with 2 children
Brian, married and living in Canada, with 2 children
What are you good at?  – Cooking (better ask my wife), preaching (better ask my parishioners!)

What would you like to be better at? – Dealing with computers, phones, satnavs, digital cameras so they do what I want them to do.

Who should play you in a film of your life? – Kate Winslet (just kidding). Most of the actors I have liked best are dead, which would make casting something of a challenge. I guess I would go for Michael Weatherly (look him up).

If you weren’t clergy, what job would you have? What job would you like to have had? – I loved teaching, which I did for ten years; I probably would have stayed with that if God didn’t have a different idea. I never learned to properly play a musical instrument – I wish I had learned to be a musician.

Ocean liner or Concorde? – I loved the idea of the Concorde, but I hate the hassle of flying. Ocean Liner, definitely.

Ice Hockey or GAA? – I never really got into GAA (I’ve only been in Ireland 22 years). Ice Hockey is okay, but I prefer baseball.

Favourite film of all time – The Great Escape.

Craziest thing you have ever done – Aside from being ordained, pouring a large basin of water over some classmates on a school camping trip because they were keeping me up late (I was 15).

One thing that makes your blood boil? – Able-bodied people who park in spaces reserved for the disabled.

Other than Jesus, which Biblical character would you like to have dinner with? – The Apostle John, who has always struck me as thoughtful and wise.